Repiping Services

Why Repipe?

  • Do you currently experience low water pressure?
  • Do you get rust colored or yellow water from your faucet?
  • Do you have leaking pipes?
  • Does your house have galvanized piping?
  • Do you suspect or have slab leaks?
  • Can you shower, run the washing machine and water the lawn all at the same time?

Galvanized water piping rusts and corrodes internally. Particles of rust, zinc and other contaminants flow into your drinking water, they also clog the pipes internally, stopping the flow of water to fixtures. With a copper repiping, your water will be cleaner and flow faster. Copper plumbing never corrodes or clogs up pipes internally the same way galvanized will.

Unhealthy Water

Corroded, galvanized pipes can cause water to become dirty, foul-smelling and unfit to use or drink. This is what happens when rust builds up inside galvanized water pipes. The rust restricts the flow of water and causes a buildup of gunk and slime throughout the system. With your plumbing system free of old, corroded galvanized pipe you will be free of discoloration and metallic taste in your water for improved water quality. With copper plumbing, you won’t have any of that and they’re rated to last 50 years.

Damage to your home

Leaks can develop in the most unnoticeable places: inside your walls, the attic,under your house and under your concrete slab. These hidden leaks can cause severe damage to your home, from major pipe corrosion, to toxic mold in your walls. With a copper or PEX repiping for your home’s plumbing system, you can eliminate this risk and prevent corrosion, mold and other damage from happening.

What is Copper Repiping?

Repiping is the removal (or bypass) of existing plumbing pipes and replacing them with new copper pipes. The copper we use is among the highest quality available and guaranteed for life.

How long does it take?

Most copper pipe repairs and repipe jobs take on average, 1- 2 days. You will not have to leave your house and we never leave you without water.

Will my house be a mess while the job is in process?

No. Our technicians are trained to keep your house neat and clean and we ensure your floors are protected. We pride ourselves in making sure that when we leave your house is as clean as or cleaner than when we started.

How long will my water be turned off?

Your water will be turned off during the day when we are working on the water lines. If the job takes longer than a day, we will have your water on when we leave the first day, so you can shower, do dishes etc.

Who patches my walls?

We have experts trained to patch all of your walls inside and out. Our experts will restore your interior walls to their original condition, as well as stucco any exterior and prep the area for paint.

Benefits of Copper Repiping

Replacing old pipes also has tremendous cost benefits as well. Replacing your old water lines can save you from countless problems down the road. Pinhole leaks and inferior plumbing will be a thing of the past. Your repipe may eliminate future, costly plumbing headaches, for many years to come. A copper plumbing repipe also adds to the equity in your home, as well as the resale value of your home, a huge advantage when putting your house on the market. People are very concerned about water quality when buying a home. Investing in a copper repipe of your home is a valuable selling point to a potential home buyer.

  • Great water pressure
  • Clean, clear water
  • High quality copper plumbing with no more leaky pipes
  • The ability to shower without consulting the washing machine
  • Greater peace of mind because your piping system is secure
  • A positive selling point for your home